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                One of the easy misconceptions to make is misunderstanding the 1,001 pound hazmat exception (Table 2 materials).  It tells us that the shipment has some exceptions to placarding and there is no requirement that the driver have a hazmat endorsement on his license.  It does not mean any carrier can haul your hazmat shipment.  While it allows some exemptions to some of the hazmat rules, others must be adhered to.  For instance the carrier must have a minimum insurance of 1,000,000 instead of the 750,000 requirement.  If they don't have that in place, they should not be moving the freight.  Further the driver should only accept the freight if he has been given training in hazardous materials.  Has the carrier been giving the drivers this training?  Are they doing it every 3 years as required by law? 

                I have found two websites that are instrumental in determining if the carrier can move your hazardous materials shipment. 


Once at this site enter the DOT number or MC number to find the carrier.    In the right hand corner you will find Licensing & Insurance.  Choose that link and confirm you are not a robot at the next screen.    Choose HTML and check the Insurance Required.  If it states $750,000 they are not eligible to move any amount of hazmat.  If it says, $1,000,000 they have met the minimum insurance responsibility requirement.  The last step is ask them if they are giving their drivers and staff recurring training in Hazardous Materials. 

2)  For those carriers that haul placarded hazmat loads for you:

On this page, simply enter in the USDOT number on the requested search.  It will tell you their registration ID and when it expires. 


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